Innovation is one of the triads of greatness. It might have a faster payoff than Operational Excellence or Customer Intimacy but it still takes some work. Whether you are looking for new concepts or modifications to existing concepts, innovation is the direction to excellence. Start the Innovation Journey.

Silicon Valley Innovation

Start the Innovation Journey. Startups use the Silicon Valley Innovation methodology.  For the most part, all businesses can use the Silicon Valley Innovation methodology also but, add other additional methodologies also.

The Silicon Valley Innovation methodology excels when the focus is on one Innovation in one legal geography and when the development capability needed is fast.  It connects to customers and incorporates their feedback into product design very quickly. It replaces the waterfall design methodology.

Embedded Company Innovation Methodology

The Embedded Company Methodology is a Program that can use the Silicon Valley Innovation methodology when appropriate but, includes Innovation as a corporate strategy.  It is helpful to take a quick look at the successful program at Proctor and Gamble.  Above all P&G recognizes that intellectual property is a corporate asset.  Innovation, for them, utilizes the connections between:

  • Their supply chain,
  • R&D,
  • P&G manufacturing,
  • Universities,
  • etc

Certainly P&G is a recognized leader in Innovation and has a clear strategy.

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